We are committed to getting venison on to the plates of New Zealanders...


With a long history in raising prime venison, Loch Moigh Farms, in the Manawatu, is the oldest operating deer farm in New Zealand and is still in the same family. The farm is owned by Mark Craw, a  fourth generation owner.  Sambar deer were held in captivity on the farm as early at the 1930's but it wasn't until after the second world war that Mark's father converted a portion of the dairy farm to accommodate deer under a B Class Zoo licence.  On 25 August 1969 an application for a licence to farm deer was lodged with the Department of Agriculture.  It was approved in May 1970 and was finally issued on 8 June 1971.

In 1990 Loch Moigh Farms purchased a retail butcher shop in Palmerston North and it was through this enterprise that The Venison Bouché (pronounced boo-shay)Company  was formed.  As time went by the butcher shop was eventually sold and The Venison Bouché Company took lower priority.  Now we're back!

Today Loch Moigh farms is entirely dedicated to farming deer.

Company Profile

The healthy meat choice

Venison is the healthiest red meat choice available and our prime venison cuts are bringing this healthy choice directly to you.  Low in fat and high in protein, this meat is easy to cook and produces a tender and flavoursome meal option.  Go to our In the Kitchen page for information on how to cook and present this wonderful meat.  For the more adventurous cooks,  go to http://www.nzvenison.com/recipes to add to your recipe repertoire.

The Venison Bouché Company

Founded: 1994

Owner: Mark Craw

Operations Manager - Adrienne (Adie) Transom

The Venison Bouché Company in Manawatu 

quality venison farmed sustainably in Manawatu

Target market

Our goal is to get venison on to the plates of New Zealanders.  We do this through direct sales via our on-line market, through cafes and restaurants and through farmers markets.   Venison is one of the healthiest meats we have readily  available in New Zealand, and we promise  consistent quality that comes from free range, low stress, farm raised animals to bring you affordable  prime cuts and venison mince options.